Denise Wallace

Author of True Crime Books that are Sassy, Adventurous and In Your Face

Denise Wallace

 Denise Wallace is an American author and story analyst in Hollywood. Her debut true crime book, Daddy's Little Secret, is about the murder of her father, Wesley Wallace in Palm Beach, Florida. Denise completed the Professional Program in Screenwriting at the University of California, Los Angeles. Once there, she also took additional film classes, such as How to Write a Thriller, The Art of Pitching, Television Writing, and The Fundamentals of Comedy. Denise simultaneously attended the ImprovOlympic on Hollywood Boulevard, where she also studied television writing. The IO theater is considered to be the premier venue for long-form improvisational performances by talent such as the cast members of Saturday Night Live. 

     Meanwhile, Denise read a slew of true crime books by legendary authors such as Ann Rule and Aphrodite Jones. Eventually she sat down and wrote Daddy's Little Secret in an advanced novel writing class at UCLA under the tutelage of the esteemed novelist, Dan Fante. Dan sadly passed away later that year. Denise also starred in a documentary about the investigation into her father's murder that is a true crime episode called The Secrets We Keep in a series on Investigation Discovery called My Murder Story.

     Denise grew up in South Florida and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she evaluates scripts and manuscripts for their potential as feature films, TV series, and books. She also writes development notes for writers and producers to help them make their stories better. Along with being an avid hiker, Denise is also an athlete. She was the APF 2010 California State Powerlift Champion and the APF 2009 Golden State Powerlift Champion.